What You Need to Know When Selling a Property in Perth

An Offer & Acceptance (Contract) is completed by your Real Estate Agent or privately with the Buyer. A title search of the property and all encumbrances are searched and copies are given to the Buyer at the time of presenting the Contract for signing. All conditions are negotiated and agreed upon between the Buyer and you, then signed. The Contract may be conditional upon the Buyer receiving finance from their bank by a certain date. Other conditions may include a satisfactory termite and building inspection being done at the Buyers expense. A deposit may also be paid to you and held by the Real Estate Agent or your Settlement Agent by a certain date.

Once you have nominated a settlement agent, an Appointment to Act is sent to you which includes the Settlement Agent fee and Real Estate Agent Commission.

All Sellers must be identified. Best West Settlements provide a mobile service in the metro area so we can come to you to complete the identification process. Australia Post also provide this service for a fee.

When finance is approved, your bank must be advised of the sale and the necessary paperwork is to be completed to discharge the mortgage. Most banks need sufficient notice (at least 2 weeks). Any other encumbrances pertaining to debts must also be advised of the sale and removed at settlement.

The Buyer will then undertake to have the termite and building inspections done in the time frame specified on the Contract.

A settlement statement, identification of title and disbursement of funds authority is sent to you for signing.

Once the Buyers Settlement Agent has the Buyers sign the Transfer of Land, it is sent to us and forwarded to you to sign and return to us.

If you hold the Certificate of Title, this must be given to us before settlement.

In accordance with the Joint Form, a final inspection will be undertaken by the Buyer within 5 business days before settlement.

  • You must sign and return all documents to us as soon as possible.
  • If you are going to be away on leave any time before settlement or if you work away, please notify us.
  • Adjustment of shire rates, water rates, water consumption, land tax and strata levies (if applicable) will be done as at the day of settlement. If any are not available at settlement, we will hold funds and attend to the adjustments when the relevant information becomes available and refund any balance to you.
  • Ensure you arrange for cancellation of services such as electricity, gas and phone on the day of settlement.
  • If you have home and contents insurance, ensure they are also cancelled or transferred at the time of settlement.
  • Contact the Electoral Commission and advise them of your change of address.
  • We recommend you re-direct your mail for a period of time suitable to you and arrange this with Australia Post.
  • Please ensure the property is left in the same condition as it was originally inspected by the Buyer.
  • Your Real Estate Agent will arrange a time with you to undertake the final inspection with the Buyer. If at final inspection some repairs are needed, you must undertake to have them completed before settlement. If repairs cannot be completed before settlement, you must come to an agreement with the Buyer to either, repair the items as soon as possible, or credit the buyer at settlement. Please note we cannot hold funds for repairs.
  • You must vacate the property by 12 noon the day after settlement so ensure you have a removalist booked or other arrangements made to move.
  • All keys to the property must be handed to your Real Estate Agent or direct to the buyer once settlement has been effected (or by 12 noon next day).


A Seller's Guide to Home Settlement in Perth WA
Selling a house can be daunting, hire a professional settlement agent.
Having a professional, experienced settlement agent can take some of the stress out of selling your home.